Type alias NotificationActionResult<T>

NotificationActionResult<T>: T

Data type used to represent the action result returned back to applications when an action is raised. Applications capture these responses by adding a notification-action listener. The contents of this type are entirely application-defined, the only requirement is that the item is serializable by JSON.stringify.

Since this type is entirely application-specific, the type is used in these definitions. However, there is an optional generic argument here, which can be used if an application were to define its own conventions for the shape of this field (which is recommended). To make use of this, define a notification-action handler that includes the application-defined type as a template argument. This type is then propagated up to NotificationActionEvent. The example below demonstrates this, using the same use-case as at the top of this page.

interface MyAction = SnoozeAction | DetailsAction;

interface SnoozeAction {
task: 'schedule-reminder';
intervalMs: number;

interface DetailsAction {
task: 'view-calendar-event';
target: 'self'|'popup';

addEventListener('notification-action', (event: NotificationActionEvent<MyAction>)) => {
if (event.result.task === 'schedule-reminder') {
// 'event.result' will now be strongly-typed as an instance of SnoozeAction
scheduleReminder(notification.customData.eventId, Date.now() + result.intervalMs);
// Etc...

Type Parameters

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