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OpenFin Notification Center - v1.11.0

OpenFin Notification Center


The OpenFin Notification Center provides developers with a uniform way to create, display and organize desktop notifications as well as responding to notification events.

Notifications will be displayed as toasts as well as being listed and organized in a Notification Center. The Notification Center can be accessed by clicking on the Notifications icon in the system tray.

This project consist of 2 parts:

  1. The Notification Center, displaying and managing notifications
  2. The Notification Center Client Library, exposing APIs for applications to create and manage notifications


  • OpenFin version for applications using the Notification Center >=
  • OpenFin version used by the Notifications Provider =
  • RVM >= 4.7


  • Create notifications
  • Clear and dismiss notifications
  • Attach handlers for when notifications are created, closed, and interacted with
  • Persist notifications in the Notification Center

Getting Started

Integrating the Notification Center within an application is done by importing the Client API.

Import the Client API

npm install openfin-notifications

The client library is also available as a resource which can be included via <script> tag:

<script src="https://cdn.openfin.co/services/openfin/notifications/<VERSION>/openfin-notifications.js"></script>

This will expose the global variable notifications with the API methods documented in the link below. Example:

const notes = await notifications.getAll();

The client module exports a set of functions, documented in the API docs.


Documentation is available here.

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