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Type alias Me<MeType>

Me<MeType>: EntityInfo & (MeType extends "view"
    ? EntityTypeHelpers<"view"> & View & WithInterop
    : MeType extends "window"
        ? EntityTypeHelpers<"window"> & Window & WithInterop
        : MeType extends "iframe"
            ? EntityTypeHelpers<"iframe"> & Frame & WithInterop
            : MeType extends "external connection"
                ? EntityTypeHelpers<"external connection"> & ExternalApplication & WithInterop
                : EntityTypeHelpers<MeType> & WithInterop) & {
    isOpenFin: boolean;

Type of the OpenFin me API handle, which provides access to the OpenFin representation of the current code context (usually a document such as a OpenFin.View or OpenFin.Window), as well as to the current Interop context.

Useful for debugging in the devtools console, where this will intelligently type itself based on the context in which the devtools panel was opened.

Type Parameters

  • MeType extends EntityType

Type declaration

  • isOpenFin: boolean