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Enable keyboard shortcuts for devtools, zoom, reload, and reload ignoring cache.

interface Accelerator {
    devtools: boolean;
    reload: boolean;
    reloadIgnoringCache: boolean;
    zoom: boolean;


devtools: boolean

If true, enables the devtools keyboard shortcut:
Ctrl + Shift + I (Toggles Devtools)

reload: boolean

If true, enables the reload keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + R (Windows)
F5 (Windows)
Command + R (Mac)

reloadIgnoringCache: boolean

If true, enables the reload-from-source keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows)
Shift + F5 (Windows)
Command + Shift + R (Mac)

zoom: boolean

NOTE: It is not recommended to set this value to true for Windows in Platforms as that may lead to unexpected visual shifts in layout. If true, enables the zoom keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + + (Zoom In)
Ctrl + Shift + + (Zoom In)
Ctrl + NumPad+ (Zoom In)
Ctrl + - (Zoom Out)
Ctrl + Shift + - (Zoom Out)
Ctrl + NumPad- (Zoom Out)
Ctrl + Scroll (Zoom In & Out)
Ctrl + 0 (Restore to 100%)