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interface JumpListTask {
    deepLink: string;
    description: string;
    iconIndex?: number;
    iconPath?: string;
    title: string;
    type: "task";


deepLink: string

Deep link to a manifest, i.e: fins://path.to/manifest.json?$$param1=value1. See deep-linking for more information.

description: string

Tooltip description of the task (displayed in a tooltip).

iconIndex?: number

The index of the icon in the resource file.

If a resource file contains multiple icons this value can be used to specify the zero-based index of the icon that should be displayed for this task. If a resource file contains only one icon, this property should be set to zero.

iconPath?: string

The absolute path to an icon to be displayed for the item, which can be an arbitrary resource file that contains an icon (e.g. .ico, .exe, .dll).

title: string

The text to be displayed for the JumpList Item.

type: "task"