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Interface CustomThemeOptionsWithScheme



default?: "light" | "dark"

The default color scheme for this theme.

This will be used as a fallback if the user has not yet selected a color scheme, or there was an error fetching the user's color scheme.


label: string
logoUrl?: string
notificationIndicatorColors?: NotificationIndicatorColorsWithScheme

NOTE: Only used in Notifications

Used for providing color overrides of notification indicators or defining custom colors that clients could target.


const themeOptions = {
default: 'light',
palettes: {...}
notificationIndicatorColors: {
red: {
dark: {
background: '#FF0000',
foreground: '#FFFFDD'
light: {
// If `foreground` is not defined it will default to `#FFFFFF`
background: '#FF1100',
customred: {
// If one of the schemes is not defined (in this case `light`) the values from the defined one will be copied to the other
dark: {
background: '#FF0011',
foreground: '#FFDDDD'
palettes: {
    dark: CustomPaletteSet;
    light: CustomPaletteSet;

The palette for this theme.

When a user selects a color scheme, the palette will be updated to match the selected scheme.

If system is selected, the palette will be updated to match the user's system color scheme.

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