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Detailed metadata describing an application.


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appId: string

Unique identifier for an application.

contactEmail?: string
description?: string

UI friendly description for an application.

icons: Image[]

A list of icons that can be rendered in UI for this application.

images?: Image[]

A list of optional images that highlight application functionality.

intents?: AppIntent[]
manifest?: string

URL to application manifest.

manifestType?: string

Describes the type of manifest resolved by the manifest field. Launch mechanics are determined by the manifest type.

primaryButton?: StoreButtonConfig

Primary button configuration.

publisher: string
secondaryButtons?: StoreButtonConfig[]

Array of secondary button configurations.

supportEmail?: string
tags?: string[]
title: string

A UI friendly title for the application.

tooltip?: string

Custom tooltip on the Store App Card Container.


- title of App Card
version?: string