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Interface WorkspacePlatformInitConfig

Configuration for initializing a Workspace platform.


  • WorkspacePlatformInitConfig


analytics?: AnalyticsConfig

Config for Workspace Platform analytics

Config for overriding browser options and behavior. Set to null to initialize the platform without the browser

customActions?: CustomActionsMap
integrations?: WorkflowIntegration[]

Config for Workspace Platform Integrations


import * as WorkspacePlatform from '@openfin/workspace-platform';
import { Integrations } from '@openfin/workspace';

const microsoftIntegration = new Integrations.Microsoft365WorkflowIntegration({
connect: {
clientId: '',
redirectUri: '',
tenantId: ''

await WorkspacePlatform.init({
browser: { },
integrations: [microsoftIntegration]
interopOverride?: OverrideCallback<InteropBroker, InteropBroker> | ConstructorOverride<InteropBroker>[]
language?: {
    initialLanguage?: "en-US" | "ja-JP" | "zh-CN" | "ko-KR" | "ru-RU" | "de-DE" | "zh-Hant";

Set a language on Browser by providing one of the seven languages that Workspace supports Must specify one of the ISO language codes 'en-US', 'ja-JP', 'zh-CN', 'ko-KR', 'ru-RU', 'de-DE' or 'zh-Hant'

Type declaration

  • Optional initialLanguage?: "en-US" | "ja-JP" | "zh-CN" | "ko-KR" | "ru-RU" | "de-DE" | "zh-Hant"


await WorkspacePlatform.init({
browser: {
title: "My Browser"
language: {
initialLanguage: 'ru-RU'


notifications?: NotificationsCustomManifestOptions

Config for overriding default notifications behaviour. Leave undefined to use OpenFin hosted Notification Center.

overrideCallback?: WorkspacePlatformOverrideCallback | ConstructorOverride<WorkspacePlatformProvider>[]

Override workspace platform behavior

theme?: CustomThemes

Customize the Looks and Feel of the Workspace Platform by providing a custom palette.

The backgroundPrimary color must be either a hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, or hsla value.

Two palettes are provided by default: light and dark. The dark palette is used by default.


import * as WorkspacePlatform from '@openfin/workspace-platform';

// This is the palette used to create the OpenFin dark theme
const customPalette: WorkspacePlatform.CustomPaletteSet = {
brandPrimary: '#504CFF',
brandSecondary: '#383A40',
backgroundPrimary: '#000',
background1: '#111214',
background2: '#1E1F23',
background3: '#24262B',
background4: '#2F3136',
background5: '#383A40',
background6: '#53565F',
statusSuccess: '#35C759',
statusWarning: '#C93400',
statusCritical: '#000',
statusActive: '#0879C4',
inputBackground: '#53565F',
inputColor: '#FFFFFF',
inputPlaceholder: '#C9CBD2',
inputDisabled: '#7D808A',
inputFocused: '#C9CBD2',
textDefault: '#FFFFFF',
textHelp: '#C9CBD2',
textInactive: '#7D808A',

const customTheme: WorkspacePlatform.CustomThemes = [{
label: "My Custom Theme",
palette: customPalette

await WorkspacePlatform.init({
browser: {
title: "My Browser"
theme: customThemes,