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Interface PageTabContextMenuItemTemplate

Configuration of an option in the page tab context menu


  • MenuItemTemplate
    • PageTabContextMenuItemTemplate


checked?: boolean

Should only be specified for checkbox type menu items.

enabled?: boolean

If false, the menu item will be greyed out and unclickable.

icon?: string

Image Data URI with image dimensions inferred from the encoded string

label?: string

The text to show on the menu item. Should be left undefined for type: 'separator'

role?: "cut" | "copy" | "paste" | "toggleDevTools" | "reload"
submenu?: MenuItemTemplate<unknown>[]

Should be specified for submenu type menu items. If submenu is specified, the type: 'submenu' can be omitted.

type?: "normal" | "separator" | "submenu" | "checkbox"

Can be normal, separator, submenu, or checkbox. Defaults to 'normal' unless a 'submenu' key exists

visible?: boolean

If false, the menu item will be entirely hidden.