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Enumeration ViewTabMenuOptionType

View tab context menu types for openViewTabContextMenu override.

Enumeration Members

AddToChannel: "AddToChannel"

Add selected views to a color channel.

Back: "Back"

Navigate back to the previous content.

CloseViews: "CloseTab"

Close the selected views.

Custom: "Custom"

Custom context menu option defined by API client.

DuplicateViews: "DuplicateView"

Duplicate selected views in a page.

Forward: "Forward"

Navigate forward to the next content.

NewView: "NewView"

Create new view in a page.

OpenWithDefaultBrowser: "OpenWithDefaultBrowser"

Open content from the selected view in system's default web browser.

Print: "Print"

Print the selected view.

PrintAll: "PrintAll"

Prints visible views.

PrintScreen: "PrintScreen"

Prints a screenshot of the browser window.

ReloadViews: "ReloadTab"

Reload the selected views.

RemoveFromChannel: "RemoveFromChannel"

Remove selected views from a color channel.