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Provides configuration options for a set of Workspace Views. An array of Page objects is a required option of the workspacePlatform property of the BrowserCreateWindowRequest interface.

 const page: Page = {
title: 'myPageTitle',
pageId: 'myPageID',
layout: {
content: [
type: 'stack',
content: [
type: 'component',
componentName: 'view',
componentState: {
name: 'myViewName',
url: 'http://google.com'


  • Page


closeButton?: {
    disabled?: boolean;
    hidden?: boolean;

Used to manipulate behaviour of a close button on a page tab. If undefined, then close button is visible and actionable. If either property true, this page tab's context menu will disable its 'Close Page' option.

Type declaration

  • Optional disabled?: boolean
  • Optional hidden?: boolean
customData?: any

Optional property to attach custom metadata to the page object, such as version or timestamp. Must be serializable.

description?: string

An optional UI friendly description of the page.

iconUrl?: string

Icon that appears on a page tab if there are no unsaved changes. If 'undefined', default icon will appear.

isLocked?: boolean

True if the page is locked.

isReadOnly?: boolean

True if the page is read only. In this state, the page is locked and cannot be unlocked.


This property is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Setting it has no effect. To "lock" a page, and prevent the ability to close pages, drag pages within the window and drag pages into/out of the window, use the isLocked property.

layout: PageLayout

The layout of the page.

pageId: string

The unique ID of the page.

panels?: PanelConfig[]

Used to configure fixed views on the edges of the browser window. Only one panel per side is supported.

title: string

A UI friendly title for the page.

tooltip?: string

A optional UI friendly tooltip for the page.

unsavedIconUrl?: string

Icon that appears on a page tab if there are unsaved changes (dirty state). If 'undefined', default icon will appear.