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Configuration object for the Microsoft 365 Search workflow integration.

All properties are optional. If they are omitted, the default values will be used.


  • WorkflowConfig
    • MicrosoftSearchWorkflowConfig


disableAutoInitialize?: boolean

If false, will automatically initialize the workflow when the Workspace Platform is initialized. Else, will need to be initialized by calling initializeWorkflow.


disabled?: boolean

If true, will disable this workflow.


homeProvider?: {
    clientAPIVersion?: string;
    commandCode?: string;
    description?: string;
    dispatchFocusEvents?: boolean;
    hidden?: boolean;
    icon?: string;
    id?: string;
    identity?: { uuid?: string; name?: string; };
    inputPlaceholder?: string;
    listTitle?: string;
    logoUrl?: string;
    scoreOrder?: ScoreOrder;
    title?: string;

Configuration object for the HomeProvider.

Use this to configure the HomeProvider for example, adding a custom logo or name.

See HomeProvider for configuration options.

Type declaration

  • Optional clientAPIVersion?: string

    version of client SDK, set by the API

  • Optional commandCode?: string

    A keycode that can be used to interact with this Search Provider.

  • Optional description?: string

    A short description of the Search Provider.

  • Optional dispatchFocusEvents?: boolean

    If set, focusing on a search result will trigger onResultDispatch callback.

  • Optional hidden?: boolean

    A flag to indicate this provider will not be displayed as a command.

  • Optional icon?: string

    An icon that a UI can display for the Search Provider.

  • Optional id?: string

    A unique ID used to identify the search provider.

  • Optional identity?: { uuid?: string; name?: string; }

    The OpenFin identity that registered this search provider.

  • Optional inputPlaceholder?: string

    The placeholder string to be displayed in a UI when targeting this specific Search Provider.

  • Optional listTitle?: string

    A title to display above the result list in a UI when targeting this specific Search Provider.

  • Optional logoUrl?: string

    Logo to show render when targeting this specific Search Provider.

  • Optional Experimental scoreOrder?: ScoreOrder

    The order to sort the score in. The default is ascending.

  • Optional title?: string

    A UI friendly title for the search provider.

microsoftEntityTypeConfig?: MicrosoftEntityTypeConfig

Configuration object for the Microsoft 365 entity types to include in the search results.

Use this to enable/disable the different Microsoft 365 entity types.

See MicrosoftEntityTypeConfig for configuration options.

useTeamsDeepLink?: boolean

The msteams:// deep link can be used to open a Microsoft Teams chat in the Microsoft Teams desktop application.

This requires that the user has the Microsoft Teams desktop application installed. Else the call will silently fail.