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Type alias WebPermission

WebPermission: "audio" | "video" | "geolocation" | "notifications" | "midiSysex" | "pointerLock" | "fullscreen" | "openExternal" | "clipboard-read" | "clipboard-sanitized-write" | "hid" | "usb" | OpenExternalPermission

Defines the type of requested web APIs permission.


We only support those web APIs listed by electron.

audio: Request access to audio devices.
video: Request access to video devices.
geolocation: Request access to user's current location.
notifications: Request notification creation and the ability to display them in the user's system tray.
midiSysex: Request the use of system exclusive messages in the webmidi API.
pointerLock: Request to directly interpret mouse movements as an input method.
fullscreen: Request for the app to enter fullscreen mode.
openExternal: Request to open links in external applications.
clipboard-read: Request access to read from the clipboard.
clipboard-sanitized-write: Request access to write to the clipboard.