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Interface EntityProcessDetails


  • EntityProcessDetails


cpuUsage: number

The percentage of total CPU usage.

entityType: string

Type for the frame.

name: string
nonPagedPoolUsage: number

The current nonpaged pool usage in bytes.

pageFaultCount: number
pagedPoolUsage: number

The current paged pool usage in bytes.

pagefileUsage: number

The total amount of memory in bytes that the memory manager has committed

peakNonPagedPoolUsage: number

The peak nonpaged pool usage in bytes.

peakPagedPoolUsage: number

The peak paged pool usage in bytes.

peakPagefileUsage: number

The peak value in bytes of pagefileUsage during the lifetime of this process.

peakWorkingSetSize: number

The peak working set size in bytes.

pid: number

The native process identifier.

privateSetSize: number
url: string

Current URL associated with the process.

uuid: string
workingSetSize: number

The current working set size (both shared and private data) in bytes.