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Interface DownloadShelfOptions

Controls the styling and behavior of the window download shelf.


This will control the styling for the download shelf regardless of whether its display was triggered by the window itself, or a view targeting the window.


  • DownloadShelfOptions



border?: {
    color?: string;
    size?: number;

Styling options for the download shelf border.

Type declaration

  • Optional color?: string

    Color of the border. Must be a 6-character hex code prefixed by #. Defaults to chromium theme if absent.

  • Optional size?: number

    Thickness of the border in pixels. Default 1 pixel. Used only for frameless windows.


    The top border is fixed to 1 pixel regardless of this setting.


These apply regardless of whether download shelf display was triggered by this window itself, or a view targeting the window. Individual views cannot control the rendering of their parent window's download shelf.

enabled: boolean

Whether downloads in this window trigger display of the download shelf.


Setting this to false will not prevent the download shelf from opening if a child view with downloadShelf: { enabled: true } initiates a download.