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The FDC3 Client Library provides a set of APIs to be used for FDC3 compliance, while using our Interop API under the hood. In order to use this set of APIs you will need to set up your own InteropBroker InteropBroker or use a Platform application, which does the setup for you. Refer to our documentation on our Interop API.

To enable the FDC3 APIs in a Window or View, add the fdc3InteropApi property to its options:

autoShow: false,
saveWindowState: true,
url: 'https://openfin.co',
fdc3InteropApi: '2.0' // supported versions: 1.2 or 2.0

If using a Platform application, you can set this property in defaultWindowOptions and defaultViewOptions.

In order to ensure that the FDC3 Api is ready before use, you can use the 'fdc3Ready' event fired on the DOM Window object:

function fdc3Action() {
// Make some fdc3 API calls here

if (window.fdc3) {
} else {
window.addEventListener('fdc3Ready', fdc3Action);

In order to avoid duplication, please see the official FDC3 documentation for APIs.