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Interface CreateLayoutOptionsExperimental


  • CreateLayoutOptions


container: HTMLElement
layoutName: string
multiInstanceViewBehavior?: MultiInstanceViewBehavior

Default Value


Controls the View behavior for the given layout property. Note that the selected behavior only applies to unnamed Views or Views with the prefix internal-generated-. In all cases, if any View in the layout does not already exist, it will be created with a name that starts with internal-generated-.

When set to reparent, Views prefixed with internal-generated- will be reparented to the current Window and added to this new Layout. Use this option when you need to transfer an existing Layout between Windows.

When set to 'duplicate', Views prefixed with internal-generated- will be duplicated with new generated names. Use this option when you need to clone a Layout to any Window.

When set to default or omitted, the Layout will attempt to re-use existing Views only if they are attached to the current Window or the Provider Window. Set to default or omit this option when creating Layouts as part of implementing the LayoutManager::applyLayoutSnapshot override. Note that during applyLayoutSnapshot, Views are created and attached to the Provider while the Window is being created, so it's important to not 'duplicate' Views in this workflow.