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Interface SearchProvider

A search provider listens for search requests on a search topic and returns search results. It optionally can also perform custom actions when a search result is dispatched back to the provider.



clientAPIVersion?: string

version of client SDK, set by the API

commandCode?: string

A keycode that can be used to interact with this Search Provider.

description?: string

A short description of the Search Provider.

dispatchFocusEvents?: boolean

If set, focusing on a search result will trigger onResultDispatch callback.

hidden?: boolean

A flag to indicate this provider will not be displayed as a command.

icon: string

An icon that a UI can display for the Search Provider.

id: string

A unique ID used to identify the search provider.

identity?: Identity_5

The OpenFin identity that registered this search provider.

inputPlaceholder?: string

The placeholder string to be displayed in a UI when targeting this specific Search Provider.

listTitle?: string

A title to display above the result list in a UI when targeting this specific Search Provider.

logoUrl?: string

Logo to show render when targeting this specific Search Provider.

onResultDispatch?: ResultDispatchListener

An optional listener for actioning search results.

When this search provider returns search results via its onUserInput listener, the receiver of the results can select and dispatch a single result back to the provider.

It is then up to the search provider to perform the custom requested action.

onUserInput: UserInputListener

The search listener for the search provider.

When a search is requested on the subscribed search topic, this listener will be called and have the opportunity to return search results.

scoreOrder?: ScoreOrder

The order to sort the score in. The default is ascending.

title: string

A UI friendly title for the search provider.