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Interface CLISearchResultContact<A>

Contact Info Search Result

Type Parameters



actions: A[]

Actions that can be performed with this search result. Used when dispatching search results back to the respective provider.

data?: any

Additional custom metadata about the search result. Can be used when actioning the search result.

description?: string


icon?: string

An optional icon that can be used when displaying the search result in a UI.

key: string

A unique ID for the search result. Can be used to update a previously returned search result by calling searchRequestContext.respond(result) with the same search result key.

label?: string

A label to render with the search result.

score?: number

Used when sorting a list of search results for a single provider.

shortDescription?: string


tags?: SearchTag[]

Tags associated with the search result.

template: Contact
templateContent: ContactInfo
title: string

UI friendly name for the search result.