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Interface DockProviderRegistration

Return type from the Dock registration call.



clientAPIVersion: string

Client API version

This is the version of the Workspace client API that is being used to register the component.

updateDockProviderConfig: ((request) => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (request): Promise<void>
    • Updates the Dock configuration.


      Returns Promise<void>

      Promise that resolves when the update completes.


      Update the Dock configuration. This example requires that you have already registered a Dock provider.

      import { Dock, type DockProviderConfig } from '@openfin/workspace';

      const newConfig: DockProviderConfig = {
      buttons: [
      tooltip: "Sample Button 1",
      iconUrl: "https://www.openfin.co/favicon-32x32.png",
      action: {
      id: "sampleButton1",

      await dockProviderRegistration.updateDockProviderConfig(newConfig);
workspaceVersion: string

Workspace version

This is the version of Workspace that the Workspace component is running on. This could be used to determine if the component is running on a version of Workspace that supports a particular feature.