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Interface SearchListenerRequest

Representation of a search request passed as a parameter to a SearchProvider's onUserInput listener function.

const provider = {
name: "my-provider",
title: "My Provider",
onUserInput: (request) => {
const query = request.query;
return getMyResults(query);


  • SearchRequest
    • SearchListenerRequest


context?: any

Additional custom context that can be used for searching.

id: string

The ID of the search request. Can be used to tie related search requests together between providers.

query: string

The search query.

targets?: string[]

A list of search provider names to execute the search request against.


  • Registers a listener that is called when the search request is closed by the search requester.

    Can be used to cleanup pending queries:

    async function onUserInput(request) {
    const myQuery = makeQuery(request.query);

    request.onClose(() => {

    const results = await myQuery.getResults();
    return { results };


    • listener: (() => void)

      the listener to call when the request is closed.

        • (): void
        • Returns void

    Returns void

  • Remove a registered listener.

    function myListener(request, listener) {
    // Do something



    • listener: (() => void)

      the listener to remove.

        • (): void
        • Returns void

    Returns void