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Interface UpdatableNotificationTemplateCustom

Update Payload for Custom Template Notification. This will let you update the template data associated with the existing template composition of the notification template.



buttons?: ButtonOptions[]

A list of buttons to display below the notification text.

Notifications support up to four buttons. Attempting to add more than four will result in the notification being rejected by the service.

customData?: CustomData

Application-defined context data that can be attached to buttons on notifications.

When using forms, form data submitted will be written to customData and returned to your app by listening to the submit NotificationActionEvent|notification-action with the trigger ActionTrigger.SUBMIT|submit.

id: string

A unique identifier for the notification.

Mandatory field for Notification updates.

template?: "custom"

description of update type 'markdown', 'list' or 'custom'

templateData?: CustomTemplateData

Data associated with the custom notification template's presentation fragments.