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Configuration options for constructing a button within a notification.


  • ButtonOptions


cta?: boolean

Indicates that this button will be visually displayed as a 'Call to Action' button. In this case a Call To Action means the button is made more prominent. We recommend you use this for true calls to action. For example, if you have a notification which contains a report, it might have an 'OK' button which takes you to the report, and a 'Dismiss' button which simply closes the notification. We suggest you make only the 'OK' button a CTA here.'

If set as false or undefined, the default simple text button will be used instead.

formOptions?: {
    errorTitle?: string;
    submittingTitle?: string;
    successTitle?: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional errorTitle?: string

    Title to display on a button when form is in the error state.

  • Optional submittingTitle?: string

    Title to display on a button when form is submitting.

  • Optional successTitle?: string

    Title to display on a button when form is in the success state.

iconUrl?: string


Optional icon URL, if an icon should be placed on the button.

Icons are placed to the left of the button text.

onClick?: CustomData

Defines the data to be passed back to the application when the button is clicked.

The NotificationActionResult specified here will be returned to the application via a notification-action event when the button is clicked.

If omitted or null, applications will not receive a NotificationActionEvent|notification-action event when the button is clicked. This may be appropriate if the button represents a "dismiss" or some other side-effect-free interaction. Even if onClick is omitted or null, a notification-closed event will still be raised after the button click.

submit?: boolean

Indicates that this button should submit a form. If a form is invalid, based on your validation rules provided, the button will be disabled until the users input within the form is valid.

title: string

User-facing button text.

The button caption should be kept short, particularly if there are multiple buttons. Notifications are fixed-width, and all buttons will be displayed on the same row.

type?: "button"

The type of the control. Optional, added automatically if NotificationOptions.buttons includes the onClick property and therefore generates a notification-action event.