AboutSupportDeveloper GuideVersion 18.0.10
  • Creates a new notification.

    If a reminder is not set, the notification will immediately appear in the Notification Center and as a toast if the Center is not visible. If a reminder is set, the notification will appear in the Center when the reminder date is reached.

    If a notification is created with an id of an already existing notification, the existing notification will be recreated with the new content.

    import {create} from 'openfin-notifications';

    id: 'uniqueNotificationId',
    title: 'Notification Title',
    body: 'Text to display within the notification body',
    icon: 'https://openfin.co/favicon.ico'
    }, {
    reminderDate: new Date('October 21, 2015 07:28:00');

    Type Parameters


    • options: T

      Notification configuration options.

    • Optional creationOptions: NotificationCreationOptions

      Extended configuration options for the notification creation.

    Returns Promise<Notification<T>>