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ApplicationOptions Properties

The ApplicationOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplicationIcon
The ApplicationIcon property represents the icon to display for the Application's main window.

Support formats: Portable Network Graphic (PNG); Size: 256 x 256

Default: An null string

Public propertyBrowserPluginsEnabled
Enables PPAPI plugins (Flash) for this application.
Public propertyContentNavigationRules
Navigation rules used by this application.

Default: No application rules, Application will be allowed to navigate to any URL.

Public propertyDisableIabSecureLogging
An error message to display when the application (launched via manifest) fails to load.
Public propertyEnableFDC3
Enables embedded FDC3 support within a supported runtime
Public propertyIsAdmin Obsolete.
The IsAdmin property represents if the application has administrator privileges. (e.g., the ability to create and run applications).

Default: false

Public propertyLoadErrorMessage
An error message to display when the application (launched via manifest) fails to load.
Public propertyMainWindowOptions
The MainWindowOptions property represents the options of the main window of the application.
Public propertyName
The Name property represents the the name for the Application's main window window which must be unique within the context of the invoking Application.

Default: An empty string

Public propertyNonPersistent
Determines if this Application should keep the runtime up in the event of all other connections failing.
Public propertySupressWindowAlerts
Determines if Alert boxes from any window within the application are suppresed, if supressed you will need to handle WindowAlertRequested events to obtain the information.
Public propertyUUID
The UUID property represents the UUID of the application as known by the AppDesktop.

Default: An empty string

Public propertyVersion Obsolete.
The Version property represents the version of the application.

Default: An empty string

Public propertyWebSecurity
When set to false it will disable the same-origin policy for the application.
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