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ExternalWindow Methods

The ExternalWindow type exposes the following members.

Public methodblur
Removes focus from the window.
Public methodbringToFront
Brings the window to the front of the window stack.
Public methodclose
Closes the window.
Public methodfocus
Gives focus to the window.
Public methodhide
Hides the window.
Public methodmaximize
Maximizes the window.
Public methodminimize
Minimizes the window.
Public methodmoveBy
Moves the window by a specified amount.
Public methodmoveTo
Moves the window to a specified location.
Public methodresizeBy
Resizes the window by the specified amount.
Public methodresizeTo
Resizes the window to the specified dimensions.
Public methodrestore
Restores the window to its normal state (i.e., unminimized, unmaximized).
Public methodsetAsForeground
Set's the window as the foreground window.

The window is activated(focused) and brought to front.

Public methodshow
Shows the window if it is hidden.
Public methodshowAt
Shows the window if it is hidden at the specified location.

If the toggle parameter is set to true, the window will alternate between showing and hiding.

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