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Openfin.Desktop.PlatformAPI Namespace

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Public classApplySnapshotOptions
Experimental : The class to control options when applying a snapshot.
Public classContextMenuSettings
Experimental : A class to control context menu settings.
Public classDefaultWindowOptions
Experimental : This class defines the default window options.
Public classHotkey
Experimental : This class defines hotkey settings for views
Public classIdentity
Experimental : This class defines the identity of various entities (windows, views, etc...)
Public classPlatform
The class that represents a running platform. With this class one can create windows and views, manage snapshots, and quit the running platform.
Public classPlatformOptions
Experimental : The class that controls options for a platform
Public classPlatformService
Experimental : This class starts creates instances of running platforms. Platforms can be created either through a manifest or programatically with the PlatformOptions object.
Public classPlatformWindowOptions
Experimental : This class controls the options of platform windows to be created.
Public classSettings
Experimental : Settings used to configure layout behavior.
Public classShortcutOverride
Experimental : This class provides overrides for hotkeys
Public classSnapshot
Experimental : This class is the representation of a snapshot.
Public classViewBounds
Experimental : The bounds of the view being created.
Public classViewCreationOptions
Experimental : The class for options used to create a platform view.
Public classViewOptions
Experimental : The class representing options available to views
Public enumerationViewEventType
The event types related to platform views.