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PlatformView Events

The PlatformView type exposes the following members.

Public eventDidChangeThemeColor
Occurs when a view's theme color changes.
Public eventViewCrashed
Occurs when a view crashes.
Public eventViewCreated
Occurs when a view is created.
Public eventViewDestroyed
Occurs when a view is destroyed.
Public eventViewFileDownloadCompleted
Occurs when a view's downloading file completes
Public eventViewFileDownloadProgress
Occurs when a view's downloading file progresses.
Public eventViewFileDownloadStarted
Occurs when a view's file download starts.
Public eventViewFocused
Public eventViewHidden
Occurs when a view is hidden
Public eventViewHotkeyTriggered
Occurs when a view's hotkey is pressed.
Public eventViewNavigationRejected
Occurs when view navigation is rejected as per contentNavigation whitelist/blacklist rules.
Public eventViewOptionsChanged
Occurs when a view's options are updated.
Public eventViewPageFaviconUpdated
Occurs when page receives favicon urls.
Public eventViewPageTitleUpdated
Occurs when page title is set during navigation. explicitSet is false when title is synthesized from file url.
Public eventViewResourceLoadFailed
Occurs when an HTTP load was cancelled or failed.
Public eventViewResourceResponseReceived
Occurs when an HTTP resource request has received response details.
Public eventViewShown
Occurs when a View is shown. This event will fire during creation of a View.
Public eventViewTargetChanged
Occurs when a View changes its Window target. This event will fire during creation of a View. In that case, previousTarget identity will be the same as target identity.
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