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DesktopSystemterminateExternalProcess Method

Attempts to cleanly close an external process and terminates it if the close has not occured after the elapsed timeout in milliseconds.

Namespace:  Openfin.Desktop
Assembly:  OpenfinDesktop (in OpenfinDesktop.dll) Version: 17.4.0
public void terminateExternalProcess(
	string processUuid,
	uint timeout,
	bool killTree,
	terminateExternalProcessHandler callback = null,
	AckCallback errorCallback = null


Type: SystemString
The UUID for a process launched by DesktopSystem.launchExternalProcess()
Type: SystemUInt32
The time in milliseconds to wait for a close to occur before terminating.
Type: SystemBoolean
Explicitly terminates all child processes when true.
callback (Optional)
Type: Openfin.DesktopterminateExternalProcessHandler
(Optional) A function that is called if the method succeeds. The result of the operation is returned as a TerminateExternalProcessResult
errorCallback (Optional)
Type: Openfin.DesktopAckCallback
(Optional) A function that is called if the method fails. The reason for failure is passed as an argument.
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