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DesktopConnectionconnectToVersion Method (String, DesktopStateListener, Boolean, Int32, String, String, String)

Connect to specified version of Desktop. If the specified version is not running, it will try to start it.

Namespace:  Openfin.Desktop
Assembly:  OpenfinDesktop (in OpenfinDesktop.dll) Version: 17.4.0
public void connectToVersion(
	string desktopVersion,
	DesktopStateListener listener,
	bool enableRemoteDevTools = false,
	int devToolsPort = 9090,
	string arguments = "",
	string rvmDownloadUrl = null,
	string rvmLocation = null


Type: SystemString
desktopVersion version of Desktop required
Type: Openfin.DesktopDesktopStateListener
listener Receives updates on startup and connection state
enableRemoteDevTools (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Will make the remote development tools available on the passed port
devToolsPort (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
remote development tools port that will be used
arguments (Optional)
Type: SystemString
arguments passed to the runtime
rvmDownloadUrl (Optional)
Type: SystemString
URL to download the RVM from, as a default will target OpenFin servers
rvmLocation (Optional)
Type: SystemString
path to an existing OpenFinRVM.exe file that will be used to initiate the OpenFin connection
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