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RuntimeOptions Class

A class representing the Runtime options that can be used.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Openfin.Desktop
Assembly:  OpenfinDesktop (in OpenfinDesktop.dll) Version: 17.4.0
public class RuntimeOptions

The RuntimeOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodRuntimeOptions
RuntimeOptions Constructor, will default all options.
Public propertyAnalyticsOptions
Advanced settings for application analytics
Public propertyApplicationAssets
Application co-deployed assets
Public propertyArguments
Arguments to be passed to the Runtime
Public propertyAssetsPath
Absolute path, relative path, or URL of the root directory containing Runtime assets.
Public propertyAssetsUrl
Absolute URL of the root directory containing Runtime assets
Public propertyConfigBasePath
Base path for all the writtable configuration files, rvm.json, null.json
Public propertyEnableRemoteDevTools
Enables the chrome remote dev tools
Public propertyHost
Requested Runtime defaults to
Public propertyInstallDialogOptions
Enables the customization of the install dialog
Public propertyLicenseKey
The per-customer or per-contract licensing identifier for the RVM
Public propertyLocalRVMLocation Obsolete.
Location of the RVM on this current machine, defaults to embedded RVM, if not found will download.
Public propertyLrsUrl
Root URL for the License Relay Server (LRS).
Public propertyOfflineAccess
Gets or sets a value indicating whether Offline Applications are supported
Public propertyPort
Requested Runtime port number, only used when PortDiscovery is disabled.
Public propertyPortDiscoveryMode
Determines Port discovery methods to be used. Defaults to all available.
Public propertyRemoteDevToolsPort
Specifies a port for the remote dev tools
Public propertyRuntimeAssets Obsolete.
Runtime co-deployed assets
Public propertyRuntimeConnectOptions
Advanced settings to configure how the adapter manages and connects to a runtime instance.
Public propertyRuntimeConnectTimeout
Duration of time, in milliseconds, to wait for a successful connection to the runtime. Default is 10 seconds.
Public propertyRvmCacheMode
Application attributes used to identify the applicaction to the RVM for runtime reference counting
Public propertyRVMConfigPath Obsolete.
Relative Path or URL to the RVMConfig, will be ignored if a RVMOptions object is passed.
Public propertyRVMOptions
The RVM Options to be used.
Public propertySecurityRealm
Security Realm
Public propertyShortcut
Gets or sets the Shortcut definition to install on the local machine
Public propertySplashScreenImagePath
Gets or sets the absolute path, relative path, or URL of the splash screen image to show during application load.
Public propertySplashScreenImageUrl
Gets the absolute URL of the splash screen image to show during application load as defined by SplashScreenImagePath.
Public propertyStartupApplicationOptions
Gets or sets the application options for the application which is created and run when calling ConnectAndRun(Action).
Public propertySupportInformation
Gets or sets the SupportInformation definition to display to users when the RVM experiences errors.
Public propertyUUID
Connection UUID.
Public propertyVersion
Requested Runtime Version to connect to, defaults to "9.*"
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Public methodStatic memberLoadDefault
Creates a default set of runtime options by searching for an appropriate application configuration file, or if none is found a default RuntimeOptions instance.
Public methodStatic memberLoadManifest(String)
Creates a RuntimeOptions object by loading an application manifest from a file path.
Public methodStatic memberLoadManifest(Uri)
Creates a RuntimeOptions object by loading an application manifest from a Uri.
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